Our cords are not just accessories – they embody security, versatility, and elegance. At the end of each cord is an artfully crafted decorative head, securely fastened by a revolutionary screw system.

WHAT MAKES OUR PRODUCT UNIQUE? It is the perfect interplay of secure hold and aesthetic design. Our precise screw system allows you to effortlessly attach jewelry elements and give them a secure hold – without compromising on elegance. The possibilities are endless! Our custom-made variants not only match clothing and shoes but also jewelry and a variety of accessories and lifestyle products. Whether classic, modern, or extravagant – our cords add that certain something to any outfit and make you shine in every situation.

Our innovation is not only unique in design but also in protection.

With pride, we can announce that our product is protected by a patent. Under the numbers EUIPO: 015016370 and WIPO131904, we have officially registered our groundbreaking technology, thus sealing our claim to exclusivity and quality. This patent not only guarantees our unique position in the market but also underscores our commitment to innovation and excellence. We are proud to be part of an elite group of companies that change the world with their groundbreaking ideas. With our patented product, you can be sure that you are not only acquiring an exclusive accessory but also a piece of the future. We invite you to be part of this revolution and to be convinced by our unique offering. Patent: EUIPO: 015016370 | WIPO131904 Unsere Innovation ist nicht nur einzigartig im Design, sondern auch im Schutz.

AUDIENCE Welcome to the age of limitless possibilities! Diamondcord is not just entering a market but a new dimension of success. Our product defines a whole new niche with immense potential, opening up a world of opportunities. We are not just bringing shoelaces to the market – we are revolutionizing the game. With Diamondcord, we are not only entering the German market but also winning the hearts of customers around the globe. The numbers speak for themselves: sales in Germany alone increased by a remarkable nine percent in 2023, and we are just getting started! For 2024, the global revenue in the shoe market is expected to reach an incredible 377.40 billion euros – and we intend to claim our share of it. Join us and become part of this success story. With Diamondcord, limitless possibilities and a soaring success for your company are guaranteed!

EXPERIENCE THE UNPARALLELED! USP Our unique USP, combined with absolute exclusivity, has taken the fashion, shoe, and lifestyle industries by storm. Initial comprehensive market analyses reveal seemingly limitless potential for our product. Our decorative head is not just an accessory – it is a statement. Its uniqueness and exclusivity set new standards in the industry, making the hearts of fashionistas and trendsetters beat faster. Be part of this revolutionary movement and benefit from a market brimming with opportunities. With our product, there are no limits – discover the potential and let yourself be captivated by our unique offering!

THE PROJECT Our vision is to personalize accessories, clothing, lifestyle products, jewelry, and shoes with groundbreaking innovation, making each piece an exclusive unique item. Our securely screwable decorative head is the heart of this revolution. Whether it's a cord or a shoelace – it can be effortlessly integrated into any accessory, giving it a personal touch. But that's not all. With a variety of styles and budget options, the choice of the jewelry piece is entirely up to you. From exquisite diamonds to elegant pearls to sparkling cubic zirconia – there are no limits to your creativity. Dive into a world full of possibilities and design your life with our innovative products according to your own ideas. Each piece tells a story – let's write your story together!


Our shoelaces add a touch of elegance and individuality to your shoes.

Whether on tracksuits, hoodies, or other garments – our shoelaces are the perfect accessory to complete your look and give your outfit a personal touch.

Wear our shoelaces as a striking necklace and make a statement of style and individuality.